Season 3 (2013-14)Edit

Episode Series Title Directed by Written by Original airdate PC #
1 1 "Road Trips and Reunions" Savage Steve Holland Dan Schneider 9 January 2013 101
Ally comes back at the tour but has a meeting so Austin and Ally won't see each other.
2 2 "New Roomies" Savage Steve Holland Steve Holland 9 January 2005 102
Zoey has roommate troubles when perky Nicole and cranky Dana's personalities clash. Zoey, tired of their constant fighting decides to move in with her neighbor, Quinn, which may not have been a good idea. Meanwhile, Dustin tries to earn himself enough cash to support his gummy worm habit.
3 3 "Webcam" Fred Savage Dan Schneider 16 January 2005 103
Logan gives the girls a peace offering in the form of a stuffed animal, which turns out to be embedded with a webcam that he uses to spy on them in their lounge. When the girls finally realize how their secrets are being disseminated throughout campus, they devise a plan to incriminate Logan using the help of the other boys and the owner of a campus sushi restaurant.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

4 4 "Defending Dustin" Fred Savage Anthony Del Broccolo 23 January 2005 104
When a school bully forces Dustin to do his homework for him, Zoey confronts the bully in public, embarrassing Dustin. Dustin tells Zoey that she's babying him too much and that he can fight his own battles. Chase and Michael advise Dustin to defend himself the next time he gets bullied. Meanwhile, Zoey, Nicole, Dana, Chase, and Michael try to hide their dog, Elvis, away from their dorm advisor, Coco, since it's against school rules to have pets on campus.

Absent: Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky and Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

5 5 "Prank Week" Savage Steve Holland Anthony Del Broccolo 30 January 2005 105
When the boys pull mischievous stunts on the girls, Zoey plans the ultimate payback prank, which involves defacing a statue. But when her scheme doesn't go exactly as planned, she's faced with the grim possibility of being expelled.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

6 6 "Jet X" Savage Steve Holland Eric Friedman 13 February 2005 106
Zoey, Nicole and Dana can't agree how to complete a class project that involves making a commercial for a scooter. Meanwhile, Logan informs Michael and Chase that he'll take charge of their advertisement, and retains the services of a celebrity spokesman.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

7 7 "The Play" Adam Weissman Steven Molaro 20 February 2005 107
Logan is cast as Zoey's love interest in the school play, a fact that irritates Zoey, but which really gets under the skin of Chase, who comes up with an outrageous scheme to steal the romantic role for himself.
8 8 "Quinn's Date" Steve Hoefer Eric Friedman 6 March 2005 108
Zoey and Chase play matchmaker with near-disastrous results when she helps set Quinn up on a date with a boy named Mark, who already has a girlfriend.

Absent: Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

9 9 "Spring Fling" Steve Hoefer Steve Holland 13 March 2005 109
Zoey, Dana and Nicole help plan the school's Spring Fling, an event which has been totally lame in past years, but the girls are hoping to liven things up this time around by getting teen star Drake Bell to headline a concert. Their only problem is they don't have enough money to pay for his performance.

Absent: Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

10 10 "Backpack" Savage Steve Holland Dan Schneider 3 April 2005 110
Zoey's self-designed backpack is all the rage at school after a girl named Stacy steals the bag design and claims it as her own creation, while even making a profit off of them.

Absent: Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese and Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

11 11 "Disc Golf" Savage Steve Holland Anthony Del Broccolo 10 April 2005 111
In order to get out of taking gym class, Zoey and her friends take up disc golf and prepare for their first competition against a team of kids from a correctional school.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

12 12 "School Dance" Adam Weissman Eric Friedman 17 April 2005 112
Zoey and her friends don't have to worry about finding dates for what's promising to be an unconventional school dance, because personality tests have predetermined how the girls and boys will be matched up.

Absent: Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky

13 13 "Little Beach Party" Steve Holland Steve Holland 1 May 2005 113
The kids celebrate the end of the school semester with a party, during which Quinn demonstrates her newest invention and, in the process, somehow manages to get her and her friends stranded on an abandoned beach.

Last appearance: Kristin Herrera as Dana Cruz

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